The Most In-Demand Skills of 2024 | LinkedIn (2024)

As organizations come to grasp the full extent of what AI can do, they’re also coming to terms with all that it can’t do — those tasks that require the uniquely human skills that all businesses need.

That’s the resounding takeaway from LinkedIn’s latest global inventory of the most in-demand skills for professionals.

“People skills are going to come more to the center of individual career growth,” predicts LinkedIn VP Aneesh Raman, “and people-to-people collaboration is going to come into the center more for company growth. For leaders, you’ve got to start with communicating clearly, compassionately, and empathetically with your teams.”

Talent development professionals and executives can help employees stay agile in this new world of work by continuing to help employees build mission-critical soft skills. A recent LinkedIn survey found that 9 out of 10 global executives agree that soft skills (aka “human” or “durable” skills) are more important than ever. So, it’s not surprising that communication ranks No. 1 on the 2024 list of overall most in-demand skills.

Since AI has changed work so profoundly over the last year, we’re also highlighting the top “skill of the moment” with the most notable surge in year-over-year demand: adaptability. It’s an indispensable skill that allows teams and organizations to keep steady and drive maximum impact. And this skill will become even more important as the pace of change only increases. Since 2015, skills for roles have, on average, changed by 25%; by 2030 it’s expected that number will reach at least 65%. Today, more than half of LinkedIn members hold jobs that stand to be disrupted or augmented by AI.

Read on for the full list of skills that will strengthen your teams and help you advance your career in this new era of work. And access LinkedIn Learning courses — unlocked through May 31, 2024 — to build each of these skills.

Most in-demand skills for 2024 (plus upskilling resources)

To determine this year’s most in-demand skills, we analyzed data from LinkedIn’s 1 billion members across 200 regions and countries. Our data set illustrates just how rapidly the world of work is changing: over the last 12 months, members have added 680 million skills to their profiles, up 80% year-over-year.

Communication, customer service, and leadership continue to be business-critical skills in the age of AI. And other emerging skills like problem-solving and research showcase the importance of upskilling, reskilling, and adapting to a changing world of work.

1. Communication

In an era of hybrid work, employees communicate across an ever-expanding range of channels and platforms. Since in-person collaboration is no longer the default, effective communication from company and team leadership across channels helps connect, motivate, and inspire your teams.

Reskill/upskill: Communication Skills for Modern Management with Jean Marie DiGiovanna

2. Customer service

AI has already brought about watershed changes in the customer service arena, but there are aspects of this function that cannot and should not be automated. The people-centered aspects of customer service, including cultivating relationships and building trust, are becoming increasingly important.

Reskill/upskill: Customer Service Foundations with Jeff Toister. Get certified with this learning path: Zendesk Customer Service Professional Certificate.

3. Leadership

Strong leadership pipelines are vital to organizational growth and continuity. And regardless of your position in the org chart, leadership skills continue to be business-critical.

Reskill/upskill: Top 10 Rules for Highly Effective Leadership with Todd Dewett

4. Project management

As teams and workflows grow more complex, people leaders and project leaders who can keep everything organized and everyone on the same page are in high demand.

Reskill/upskill: Project Management Skills for Leaders with Dana Brownlee

5. Management

The distinction between management and leadership can seem blurry, but it is important to recognize. (“Management is about measurable business outcomes and numbers, while leadership is about the people who create those results,” says LinkedIn Learning instructor Dave Labowitz.) Management skills are versatile and durable, so they’re not going out of style any time soon.

Reskill/upskill: Coaching and Developing Employees with Lisa Gates

6. Analytics

In an increasingly data-driven world, it’s no surprise to see analytics gaining more prominence. This specialization empowers employees to interpret complex data, derive insights, and make informed decisions swiftly.

Reskill/upskill: Learning Data Analytics: 1 Foundations with Robin Hunt

7. Teamwork

As teams adapt to new ways of collaborating, they may encounter friction. But finding ways to strengthen teamwork skills remains paramount. Teams that work well together stay adaptive and aligned — and drive tangible results.

Reskill/upskill: Teamwork Essentials: Stand Out as a Valuable Team Member with Shadé Zahrai

8. Sales

The core fundamentals of selling — building relationships and bringing in customers — remain essential in the business world. And in a challenging economy, executives and employees with stellar sales skills stand out, especially those who can use AI tools to aid in the sales cycle.

Reskill/upskill: Increase Sales with ChatGPT with Jake Dunlap

9. Problem-solving

In the age of AI at work, both leaders and employees will be asked to meet new challenges and solve new problems more often than ever. Applying critical thinking and strategy to challenging problems can help teams thrive.

Reskill/upskill: Strategic Thinking Tips to Solve Problems and Innovate with AJ Eckstein

10. Research

There’s more information out there than ever before, and AI is equipping us with profound new ways to access and use information. “It’s the people who understand how to collaborate with AI that will have a real advantage over the next few years,” says Dave Birss, a LinkedIn Learning instructor, in How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools. “When employees fully grasp this, they will be in a strong position to both improve how they do their job today and advance their career moving forward.”

Reskill/upskill: How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools with Dave Birss, also No. 1 in LinkedIn’s Most Popular AI Courses, unlocked through July 1, 2024.

Top skill of the moment

The impact of generative AI has reshaped the world of work more quickly than even experts imagined. To study this phenomenon, we looked at “skills of the moment” — those that grew most quickly in a defined six-month period from 2022 to 2023. One skill rose to the top of the list: adaptability.

Adaptability and agility are mission-critical for both people and organizations. And since the pace of change in the world of work is predicted to increase, adaptability will help your team stay versatile and composed amid these changes. “Adaptability is the best way to have agency right now,” says Aneesh Raman. “At the core of managing change is building that muscle of adaptability.”

Reskill/upskill: Building Career Agility and Resilience in the Age of AI with Chris Shipley and Build Your Team’s Agility and Resilience with Lisa Bodell

Final thoughts

In a world continuously transformed by artificial intelligence, the enduring value of uniquely human skills should be a guiding light for both employees and learning and development departments. As organizations navigate the vast universe of AI capabilities, they will continue to recognize the importance of fostering and prioritizing human-centric skills within their teams. And businesses will reap the benefits of continuous upskilling for the most in-demand skills — from boosting employee retention to helping companies meet and exceed financial targets.

And as LinkedIn’s CEO Ryan Roslansky says: “I believe we are in the early days of a world of work that is more human than before, giving us the chance to do more fulfilling work and to do that work more easily and effectively with others.”

If you’re a talent pro, get a sneak preview of our , launching March 6.

Insights provided by Manas Mohapatra with analysis by Sonya Bessalel.


The demand of a skill is measured by the share of a skill possessed by members who have been hired recently, skill possessed by members who have received recruiter InMails recently, and skill listed in paid job listings posted a recent six-month period (May 1 to October 31, 2023). Skill of the moment is measured by the difference in the demand of a given skill in a recent six-month period (May 1 to October 31, 2023) and the same six months in the previous year (May 1 to October 31, 2022). Skills for languages and digital literacy are excluded.

The Most In-Demand Skills of 2024 | LinkedIn (2024)


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