17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (2024)

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Online writing courses are perfect for those who want to learn more about the craft of writing and experienced writers who want to hone their skills.

With online writing classes, you can easily fit them into your schedule and take them at your own pace. You can learn a specific topic and improve your writing, no matter what kind of writing you do.

From researching, outlining, and structuring stories to mastering grammar rules, there’s a course for everyone interested in improving their writing process.

Read on to discover what courses I recommend for those looking to become writers.

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Table of Contents

Quick Picks

Before we get into our full list, here are our top picks to learn more writing skills and get high-paying careers as a writer:

17 Best Online Writing Courses

Unlock your writing potential with various courses tailored to hone in on different aspects!

Everything is covered, from grammar and mechanics, technical writing, content creation, storytelling & fiction/non-fiction pieces to specialized forms like email or web copywriting.

Moreover, opt for more specific sessions, such as how to write marketing emails or craft compelling characters according to guidance from leading online educational companies like Skillshare.

Here are the 17 writing classes and courses we recommend:

1. Freelance Write From Home

If you want to learn how to write content, we’ve created the best writing course for beginners!

Freelance Write From Home can be your guide to creating a meaningful career where you can write and work from home.

We wanted to create a roadmap you could follow from start to finish and have all the tips and tricks we’ve learned about writing content.

With our course, you can learn to use AI and SEO tools to quickly create and optimize content, plus we go over where you can find freelance writing jobs.

And don’t forget the bonuses- our course has bonuses like:

  • Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make and How to Avoid Them
  • How to Scale to a Full-Time Income
  • Freelance Tax & Legal Guidance Workshop
  • and more!

Check out our free eBook learning guide, which can walk you through the steps of the writing process and get you on your way to freelance writing.

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Busy Moms! Learn How to Become an Online Freelance Writer and Start Making $1,000 to $5,000 per month in your spare time!

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2. Proofread Anywhere

Proofread Anywhereis another self-paced online course that teaches students how to proofread their work and that of others correctly.

The course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and essential skills for accurately editing any document.

It offers tips on how to edit another person’s work and your own writing. Students learn how to identify mistakes in sentence structure and avoid common errors.

With the proofreading skills gained in this course, a student can become a confident freelance writer who can provide high-quality editing services.

They’ll also be able to professionally edit someone else’s work or revise their own writing for better readability and accuracy.

These skills will help them become more marketable as freelancers since many clients require a combination of self-editing and peer input for written materials.

Want an introduction to the course? Proofread Anywhere is offering a free proofreading workshop to get you started.

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Proofread Anywhere

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3. How to Write a Blog Post That Strangers Will Actually Read

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (5)

Develop your writing and blogging skills with How to Write a Blog Post That Strangers Will Actually Read!

This course can help new writers, bloggers who need a bigger audience, and anyone who wants their words to resonate with their readers.

How to Write a Blog Post That Strangers Will Actually Read is a class that teaches how to make persuasive, intriguing pieces for any audience.

Through this comprehensive online class on Skillshare, you’ll get helpful tips on developing focus, creating attention-grabbing headlines, and finding your unique writing voice.

Plus, find out how to structure stories effectively while discovering your unique voice as an author.

No prior experience is required for this online course- it’s great for people with basic skills who want to become better writers today!

4. Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (6)

Get ready to learn how to write effective dialogue that sells with the Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy class on Skillshare!

This highly informative course is taught by Jesse Forrest, a professional copywriter who has 14 years and experience writing for over 150 industries under their belt.

Through engaging lessons, you’ll be provided with all the basics necessary for writing compelling words that accurately describe your business without being cheesy or cliché.

Plus, discover helpful methods such as creating persuasive headlines and calls to action, encouraging readers to take action while resonating effectively with your target audience!

By the end of this course, students should have a better understanding of how to write compelling web copy that helps them reach their goals in terms of leads and sales.

5. Write Dreamy, Heartfelt, Soulful Poetry – Creative Writing

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (7)

Get in touch with your creative side and explore the world of poetry writing!

Write Dreamy, Heartfelt, Soulful Poetry – Creative Writing is a creative writing course that provides all the guidance you need to craft a soulful, heartfelt verse that stirs emotion within readers.

Through an experienced tutor’s expertise, learn about the fundamentals of writing poetry:

  • Learn how to create meaningful images that captivate readers, evoke emotions, and encourage feelings such as joy or awe.
  • Discover essential topics like similes, metaphors rhyming structure, along with more advanced concepts such as storytelling.

You’ll learn how to create beautiful imagery that captivates readers and speaks to their souls.

You’ll also learn to understand the psychological impact of words and how to craft poetry that encourages feelings of joy, awe, or optimism in your readers.

Specific techniques are taught for crafting dramatic writing and dreamy and imaginative poems that take readers to new worlds.

These include using language effectively to paint vivid pictures of landscapes or build emotionally charged scenes that touch people’s hearts.

6. Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (8)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write amazing essays, then take the plunge and check out Udemy’s online course – Essay Essentials: Improve Your Academic Writing!

The program is for people who want to learn more about how to write. It includes thinking of ideas, writing a beginning, middle, and end, and using good grammar.

You’ll develop a sound understanding of academic essay structures, like coming up with ideas and creating an engaging introduction-body-conclusion flow for your work – all wrapped in perfect grammar.

This program teaches you how to write essays more effectively and gives you chances to practice what you’ve learned to see how your academic writing performance improves.

There are five quizzes to help you see how much you know and three real-life exercises. With each lesson comes a downloadable guidebook for extra guidance in academic writing.

The quizzes allow students to self-assess their knowledge of the material covered in the program. These activities enable them to practice and apply what they have learned to hone their skills further.

With the downloadable essay example guide, you get a comprehensive overview of the entire essay writing process, including selecting topics, researching sources to develop an argument, and revising for clarity.

7. Secret Sauce of Great Writing

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (9)

Are you ready to master the secrets of writing like a pro?

Get ahead in your career with Secret Sauce of Great Writing – a free online learning class led by former Wall Street Journal editor Shani Raja.

Secret Sauce of Great Writing provides an online class to equip professionals with the tools they need to craft their own unique works.

The class provides students with guidance, tools, and detailed instructions on developing powerful yet beautiful pieces.

From understanding essential components that make up great prose to discussing practical examples along the way- this class helps professionals write for success in any context or situation.

One thing, though, with the free course, you only get the online video content. You don’t get a certificate of completion or access to instructor Q&A or direct instructor messages.

8. Creative Writing Specialization

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (10)

TheCreative Writing Specializationis an ideal online course for anyone interested in learning skills in various genres.

The four courses cover short story, narrative essay, and memoir writing and provide a capstone experience for students to draft, rewrite, and complete their own story in their chosen genre.

Each course is designed to teach students the academic writing skills that good writers use to compose a memorable story with interesting characters and settings.

In addition to covering the basics of creative writing, such as plot structure and character development, the courses also explore topics such as dialogue, description, point of view, and revising a story.

9. Writing Your Story

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (11)

Are you ready to write and tell your life story in a personal essay? You may have so much to say, but you’re unsure how to put pen to paper and right all the stops you’ve had on your journey.

Get started with Joyce Maynard’s ”Writing Your Story” course, where all beginners can learn how best to compose their memoirs or personal essays.

It’s the best way to learn to write engaging and interesting stories, growing your audience and increasing your income!

Maynard’s expertise and engaging teaching style make this a memorable learning experience for anyone wanting to start writing about their life experiences in a personal essay.

With 26 lessons in this class that last anywhere from 5-30 minutes each, the acclaimed novelist helps guide writers through essay development.

Topics include discovering what makes a good narrative, crafting an ideal structure and plotting arc, and giving practical advice on dealing with criticism and rejection along the way.

Through her expert instruction, you get practical advice on topics like recognizing what should be included in stories and being ready for criticism- all designed to create a compelling personal essay.

Take those initial steps today into bringing your unique perspective alive by enrolling in one of the best writing classes led by one of the best writers around!

10. Write a Children’s Book in 7 Days or Less

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (12)

Writing a children’s book in just seven days may seem a bit crazy, but with the right guidance and resources, it’s possible to create engaging and interesting stories that kids will love.

Unleash your creativity and write a children’s book from the comfort of your home by taking part in B.A. Burgess’ fantastic online course: Write a Children’s Book in 7 Days or Less on Skillshare!

You can access this helpful guidance in this online writing class for free with their seven-day trial, covering every stage – brainstorming, plotting scenes, and writing them down – so you’ll have a complete story ready to go in no time.

Learn how to craft an engaging story from the comfort of your home and unlock your creative potential while being guided by an experienced author who knows what kids love.

Whether brainstorming ideas or plotting each scene step-by-step, this free class leads you every step until you’ve created something that captures young imaginations far away into exciting new worlds!

11. Authority Pub-Academy

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (13)

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned indie author looking to brush up on your skills with online classes, the Authority Pub-Academy is an invaluable resource for writers.

With nearly 100 books between them, Steve Barrie and Barrie Davenport have all the experience necessary to teach aspiring authors how to navigate self-publishing in their online writing class.

With six lessons focusing on enhancing English writing skills and understanding what it takes for books to sell, this online course offers a pathway to success in indie publishing!

Every lesson is designed to provide insights on everything from niche selection, book launching strategies, and Facebook ad creation – all with one goal: creating a bestselling product!

A key feature of Authority Pub-Academy is its longevity; this class has been around for nearly ten years, making it one of the longest-running courses in this field.

However, it’s not a free course – it’s $597 at the time of this writing.

12. Write Your First Novel

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (14)

I’ve always wanted to try writing a short novel, and I’m determined to make it happen one day.

It’ll be a challenge to learn fiction writing and develop an engaging story, create unique characters and worlds, and discover the power of my imagination.

One of the courses I’ve found to help me get started is Write Your First Novel. It’s a good writing course with a knowledgeable instructor named David Wheeler.

This writing class is available on the Coursera online learning platform and is an excellent starting point for aspiring novelists.

It provides step-by-step guidance and a structured approach to writing a novel, complete with deadlines and writing breaks to ensure you don’t become overwhelmed or burnt out.

Each weekly session of the 26-week course focuses on a different concept related to writing fiction, including creating believable characters, crafting effective dialogue, and developing an enthralling plot.

Upon completing the course, students will have put together 50,000 words of their original novel manuscript.

It’s an outstanding accomplishment that can be used as a portfolio piece or even submitted for publication if it meets standards by literary agents and publishers.

13. Become a Journalist: Report the News! Specialization

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (15)

TheBecome a Journalist: Report the News! Specialization online course from Michigan State University.

It’s designed to give you an in-depth understanding of global journalism.

You’ll learn best practices for gathering and compiling news and ethical considerations that underlie the profession.

You’ll develop the skills necessary to become a successful journalist through hands-on projects, peer feedback, and issue exploration.

In this specialization, you will explore journalism’s impact on society and investigate the different types of journalism available today.

That includes newspapers, magazines, television, radio, corporate media outlets, social media sites, and other forms of multimedia journalism.

You’ll also understand the career opportunities available in each field. By completing this specialization, you’ll be able to create compelling stories that confidently educate the public about important issues in our communities.

14. Business Writing Techniques

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (16)

One of the most essential and professionally transferable communication skills in business is writing well.

Business writing skills are essential for conveying your thoughts and ideas concisely, persuasively, and professionally.

Business Writing Techniques is a free class that can help you learn about business writing techniques.

Business Writing Techniques cover key topics such as audience analysis, persuasive writing, and editing techniques.

Students also learn to format documents according to corporate standards, including emails, memos, and other workplace materials.

Through the four-week course, students learn different communication styles to write in professional settings effectively.

The course’s real-world scenarios and applications give a clear look into how modern business writing should be handled.

By the end of the course, students are expected to understand better how to write more fluently and efficiently while also learning effective ways to address any challenges they may face when communicating professionally.

15. Building Your Screenplay

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (17)

TheBuilding Your Screenplaycreative writing course is an excellent way for aspiring screenwriters to take their craft to the next level.

It has been developed by an experienced film and television professional who knows all the ins and outs of becoming a successful screenwriter.

The course material focuses on visual storytelling, emphasizing plot structure, character development, and professionally transferable communication skills to convey the central meaning of your work.

Through this course, you’ll learn how to discuss narrative arcs, edit scripts, manage your time effectively as a screenwriter, and gain valuable knowledge about film history and theory.

What makes it one of the best online writing classes?

By the end of this online course, you can expect a thorough understanding of basic screenplay mechanics and theory, plus advanced skills like budgeting your time effectively while still producing quality work.

16. Writing The Weird

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (18)

LitReactor’sWriting The Weirdcourse stands out from the crowd with its limited enrollment and deep dive into surreal and fantastic literature.

The small class size allows for a highly personalized learning experience with instructor J.S. Breukelaar, who was a finalist for the Ladies of Horror Fiction award.

She offers her expertise in crafting unique stories as she guides students through each topic: humanity, structure, setting, and resolution.

Students explore the works of authors like Kelly Link and Matt Bell to find the human elements that make a story stand out.

During the four-week course, students must complete weekly writing assignments, which Breukelaar and their peers will critique.

It’s one of the most comprehensive courses to refine your skills and start writing fiction under the guidance of a professional author while discovering how conventional narrative can be used as a starting point for innovative or speculative fiction.

17. Writer’s Digest University Creative Writing 101

Writer’s Digest has been publishing content for writers since 1920. For over 100 years, they’ve provided resources to writers and given them a place to publish their works.

With Creative Writing 101, you can take one of the biggest and most comprehensive courses to launch your writing business and learn creative writing skills.

You can learn to shape your story, and all your characters, and get a vivid tale written that engages and hooks readers right away.

The course has a hefty cost of $579.99, but the course duration is 12 weeks with 12 lessons.

But it comes with free resources to supplement your lessons.

And the biggest benefit? This course is taught by award-winning instructor Ran Walker, and he gives personal feedback on your course assignments!


Should I take an online writing course?

Yes, taking an online writing course can be extremely beneficial for new writers starting out or experienced writers who are in a work slump or want to switch niches.

They are for anyone, whether you’re looking to improve your writing skills, start a new writing project, or even pursue a career in writing.

Online courses offer flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Moreover, these courses offer varied content, from business writing to creative writing, catering to a wide range of interests.

Some also provide a platform for you to receive feedback on your work from experienced instructors and peers.

Can I become a writer through an online course?

You can become a writer without courses, but you need to have experience and a strong background to land paying jobs.

Taking a course gives you a leg up and demonstrates you’ve worked to prove yourself as a writer, even without previous writing jobs on your resume.

An online course can enhance your writing skills and provide you with the tools necessary to be a successful writer.

But becoming a writer also involves dedication, practice, and perseverance to take your skills and apply them to each job best.

Many successful writers have used online courses to help them hone their craft and gain confidence in their abilities.

However, it’s important to remember that writing is an ongoing learning process. The more you write and seek feedback on your work, the more you’ll improve.

Are online writing courses worth it?

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (19)

The value of an online writing course depends on what you’re hoping to achieve.

If you’re looking to improve your writing skills, explore a new genre, or receive constructive feedback on your work, then yes, taking a course can be worth it.

Free writing courses tend to “scratch the surface” for information and details, while paid courses have extras that make it more like school- in the best ways!

These courses can provide in-depth knowledge, practical exercises, and a supportive community of fellow writers.

However, if you’re not prepared to invest time and effort into the course, you may not receive the full benefits.

Can I get online writing jobs without taking courses?

Yes, it’s possible to secure online writing jobs without taking courses.

Many companies and clients primarily look at your portfolio, samples of your work, and your writing experience rather than your educational background.

However, taking online courses can still be beneficial if you don’t have a portfolio, sample work, or any experience as a writer.

Courses can hone your skills, teach you about different writing styles and genres, and make you a more versatile and appealing candidate.

Can I learn about writing for free?

Absolutely, there are numerous resources available online that offer free writing lessons.

Websites like Open Culture, Coursera, and Khan Academy provide access to free courses across various writing disciplines.

Additionally, platforms such as blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts offer a wealth of free advice and guidance on improving your writing skills.

However, it’s essential to note that while these resources can provide valuable insights, a structured course often provides a more comprehensive and systematic learning experience.

You can get a free eBook as an intro to Freelance Write From Home and see that a paid course has the extra details to make a structured course worth the time and money.

What’s the best writing course?

Choosing the “best” writing course largely depends on your personal goals, style, and genre preference.

I suggest Freelance Write From Home if you want to write with content creators and focus on articles and SEO work.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and structured approach, Masterclass boasts an array of courses from renowned authors like Margaret Atwood and James Patterson.

Coursera, on the other hand, offers a diverse range of free and paid courses, including “Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics,” which is ideal for budding songwriters.

Do I need to get certified to find online writing jobs?

Certification is not a strict requirement to find online writing jobs, but it can certainly be beneficial.

Many clients and employers value the skills, dedication, and professionalism that a writing certification can demonstrate.

However, just as important (or even more so) are your writing skills, experience, and portfolio.

If you can show through your work that you write well, meet deadlines, and satisfy client requirements, you can certainly secure writing jobs online without certification.

Final Thoughts

17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (20)

Taking self-paced paid or free creative writing courses is worth it to learn strong writing skills in copywriting, journalism, technical writing, or scriptwriting!

Not only do you get personal attention from your instructor and have access to resources anytime and anywhere with most of these courses, but most importantly, you learn at your own pace with both paid and free online courses!

Writers can explore different genres and forms of writing while learning from experienced writers who can provide valuable feedback on their work in writing classes.

Plus, many online education companies have courses that give students access to helpful resources such as grammar and mechanics guides and exclusive forums for exchanging advice between students.

If you’re serious about learning to write engaging copy and improving your writing skills, signing up for one of these self-paced online writing courses are worth considering!

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17 Best Online Writing Courses: Start Freelancing Writing (2024)


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Can you live off of freelance writing? ›

Making a living as a writer

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Do freelance writers make a lot of money? ›

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